Marketing buzz, viral advertising and viral marketing are buzzwords refer to the marketing techniques which uses other technologies and pre-existing social networking services to try to increase brand virus. It can be delivered by enhanced by network effects of mobile networks and Internet or word of mouth. Viral advertising is a personal marketing and coming from identified sponsor, this does not mean that businesses pay for distribution. Most of the viral ads circulate online and are paid by sponsor companies.

Consumers receive page links from social media network or entire ads from website and pass along through email or posting on blog, social media profile or webpage. Viral Marketing may take form of video clips, web pages, email messages, text messages, images, brandable software, ebooks, advergames, interactive Flash games. Most commonly utilized transmission vehicles for the viral messages include: undercover based, trendy based, incentive based, pass-along based. The creative nature of the viral marketing enables endless amount of vehicles and potential forms, message can be utilized for transmission.

The ultimate goal of a marketer is to create a successful viral marketing program that appeals to individuals with high potential in social networking and have a probability of being spread and presented by individuals and competitors in communications with a short period of time.