Our services includes: Corporate Identity Design which includes Corporate logos, brand identity design, corporate logo, proliferated brand logos. Allumez Infotech presents wide range of print media solutions. We at Allumez Infotech provide solution to business requirement ranging from medium and small enterprises to International corporate houses.

At Allumez Infotech our main focus is on communication. Each design solution we provide is about the company and its services which give a long-lasting positive impact on the client’s mind and increasing brand awareness.

Our Services

Brochure Design: While designing a brochure we always keep in mind about our targeted consumers and corporate image of company which not only artistic and creative but also enhance sales process.

Marketing Design: This includes fliers, direct mailers,brochures which are directly produces by company.

Logo Design Services: This service includes logo design for punchlines,corporate logos and individual products. While creating logos we produce a product range that we keep in our mind of their targeted consumers,positioning and USP’s.

Corporate Designs: This includes proliferated brand logos,corporate logo,brand identity design,Corporate logos.