Facebook is a very big platform. As the largest social network in the world, Facebook has more than 1.23 billion users who stay active at a time and 62% of them log in on a daily basis.

How Facebook help in marketing:

ls which can be used by anybody. Each of options has own purpose, and can be combined for the greater reach.

Pages Facebook pages are very similar to the profiles, but for public figures, organizations, and businesses. Users can “Like” page, which means that they will receive automatic updates from that page into the news feed. Users have the option to “Like” page but not to follow.

As profiles need mutual relationship between friend, then pages can be liked by anybody, without any requirement for page creator to accept fan. They don’t have restriction on number of fans/friends they can have.

Advantages: Pages are easy to set up and free.

Disadvantages: It makes hard to get foothold and build fan base with page.

Facebook offers fantastic targeted advertising on the platform. Ads are created to target specific education levels, ages, and geographic areas even types of devices that are being used for browsing. Facebook also lets users close ads if they don’t like and “Like” page right as beneath as an advertisement.